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Manhattan Promise Cover
ISBN 978-3-9503366-9-6
433 pages
21,6 x 14,7 cm
8 ½ x 5 ¾ in

Manhattan Promise

Tanya, an educated Russian woman, works full time at an elderly, wealthy couple‘s house in Manhattan‘s Museum area. Her everyday encounters with her employer, Arthur Bademan and her dealings with his distinguished wife Cecily for whom she has been hired as a companion become increasingly puzzling. The longer Tanya stays with the old couple, the more unsettling is their odd behaviour.

Could it be possible that the clue to the mystery lies concealed in her memories from post-stalinist era Leningrad? Or perhaps it is to be found in a famous painting she chances upon in one of the rooms of the Museum of Modern Art?

Published for the first time, this intriguing, psychological novel by A. M. Sorokina gives a rare insight into the world of the wealthy, cosmopolitan New Yorkers populating the smartest neighbourhoods of Manhattan and the counter-world of their illegal, immigrant servants. It is also a marvellous story of the clash of two different cultures, of self-confident western consumerism pitted mercilessly against the system of old values.


Polish Romantic Cover

Authors: Alicja Jankowska, Bob Hewis

Polish Romantic and Symbolism Poetry

Selected verses newly translated by Alicja Jankowska and Bob Hewis

A Soul Guide Cover
ISBN 978-3-9503366-9-7

Author: Lydia Awde

A Soul Guide